President - Mr. John Sharpe Chairperson - Mrs. Sally Smith Secretary - Mr. Matthew Smith Captain  - Mr. John Chambers Ixworth Bowls Club  Founded 1907  Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation,  Suffolk County Bowls Association,  Bury & District League, Stowmarket League, and the Area ‘D’ Triples League.

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History expands as time goes on, for today’s news is tomorrows history.  For a village club Ixworth performs above its weights and its humble beginnings.  At one point between the wars the membership was just 22, but in 1929 three players - represented Suffolk in a match against Norfolk, they were Mr. F. Grimmer, J. Everitt and G. Bayes. As far as we know these are the first players from Ixworth to represent their county.  They were not the last, and county titles were being won, as indeed they still are today.  Ixworth has provided three Male County Presidents and two Female County Presidents.  In League and Cup Ixworth have their fair share of success.

In our Centenary Year we had the honour of presenting to the County a trophy for the new men’s Senior Pairs competition.  It is called the ‘Gelston Cup’ in memory of our first ever President and is inscribed ‘Presented to Suffolk County Bowls Association by Ixworth Bowls Club on the occasion of their centenary’; and keeping the story up to date, twelve years after donating it, an Ixworth pairing brought it home!

A more detailed history of the first 100 years of the club is available in PDF format by clicking HERE