President - Mr. John Sharpe Chairperson - Mrs. Sally Smith Secretary - Mr. Matthew Smith Captain  - Mr. John Chambers Ixworth Bowls Club  Founded 1907  Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation,  Suffolk County Bowls Association,  Bury & District League, Stowmarket League, and the Area ‘D’ Triples League.

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Being a member of

Ixworth Bowls Club

Ixworth Bowls Club is run by an Executive Committee, elected at the AGM which is held in November.  This information has been produced for all our members and gives information regarding membership of the club.  If you have a query please talk to a member of the Committee. A list of committee members can be found on the club notice board.


All full members of the club are asked to play their part in the smooth running of the club in a number of ways:  


After all evening league and cup matches at Ixworth, refreshments are served to both teams.  Every playing member of the club will at some point in the season be asked to provide these refreshments (a rota is displayed on the club notice board).  They usually take the form of sandwiches, perhaps sausage rolls or small pies, plus cakes.  

On Tuesday evening only two rinks are used which means that twelve players will need to be catered for.  As a rule of thumb this relates to one loaf of thin sliced bread made into sandwiches with 2 to 3 different fillings, 12 small savouries such as mini sausage rolls, and 12 small cakes.  For other games double the quantity.  If you need more information speak to a member of the Committee.  

Each home player pays to play, a portion of this is the rink fee, the remainder is a payment for the food – this will be paid to you for doing the catering.  It is up to you whether you take the full amount or an amount to cover your outlay.

Cleaning Rota

All members, unless they work on the green, are asked to help in keeping our premises clean.  A cleaning rota is displayed on the club notice board indicating when you have been asked to clean the clubhouse, you may switch duties with someone else if the date is inconvenient.  Saturday mornings are the best time to clean and the duty involves cleaning the main room, the changing rooms, toilets and kitchen.  For more information contact the cleaning organiser or a member of the Executive Committee.

Maintenance of Green and Clubhouse

The green is looked after by the Green-keeper and the Greens Committee.  As this is specialist work, a team of volunteers who are familiar with the equipment carry it out. If you would like to help with this or other maintenance work, please speak to a committee member.

Playing in a Team

The make up of a bowling block

The ‘block’ refers to the three players – Lead, Second and Skip who play together.

Sometimes it is referred to as a ‘Rink’, all league matches are played in these rinks or blocks, and within it each player has a particular role.  

The Lead.  The ‘Lead’ starts the game by placing the mat in line with the rink marker at a minimum distance of 2m and a maximum of 4m from the edge of the green, except for the first end when it must be placed at the 2m mark; he/she then casts the jack to the required distance, which must be at least 23m from the front of the mat.  If the distance is not reached, or the jack rolls into the ditch, or it is cast off rink; then it is returned for the opposing lead to cast it.  On any end, except the first one in a game, the opposing lead may change the position of the mat.  Once the jack has been ‘centred’ both leads play; alternately delivering all their bowls.  It is often said that a lead should not contribute to any discussion regarding the game, at Ixworth we believe that if a lead has a contribution to make then they should discuss it with the Second.

The Second  The ‘Second’ as well as bowling his/her bowls alternately with the opposing second; also informs the Skip of any changes to the ‘head’ and suggests what shot should be played.  He/she also records the score on the completion of each end on both a score card and the scoreboard.  In a game of pairs these duties transfer to the lead or skip.

The Skip  The ‘Skip’ is the third player to bowl and is in charge of the rink.  The other players take instruction from the skip, including the length of jack to play to, the type of shot to bowl etc.  The skip may also transfer some of the duties of the second to the lead.



Every game begins with introductions, a friendly handshake and wishes for a good game.  During the game you should not:

Speak loudly while others are bowling.

Applaud or congratulate a member of the opposition whose bowl gives you the shot.

Say anything that could be construed  as sarcastic

Stand in the line of vision of the  player bowling

Say well bowled to an obviously lucky bowl from a team mate, for example one that ‘wicks’ in for shot .

Move about in the head

Blame the green, conditions or your opponents bowls.

You should:

Commend a good shot from team mates and opponents alike.

Accept ‘flukes’ against you in good grace.

Congratulate your opponent on the game whether you win or lose.

Wish your opponent success in any other competitions they may play in if you have won, and,

Wish them well in the next round if you have lost.

And remember always finish with a handshake.

The dress code for all competition bowling whether for the club or in a county, league or club competition consists of:

Flat sole bowling shoes

Grey trousers or skirt

Club Shirt.


There are two codes of flat green bowls played at IXWORTH BOWLS CLUB, English Bowling Federation (EBF) and to a lesser extent, English Bowling Association (EBA).  As our main code is EBF, the following points relate to that code.  The full laws of both codes can be found in the booklet rack in the clubhouse.

What is ‘Foot Faulting?  At the point of delivering the bowl the player must have one foot entirely within the confines of the mat, either in contact with it or directly above it, failure to do so is foot faulting and may incur a penalty.

What if I Play out of turn?  If a player plays out of turn, the opposing players may stop it in its course or allow it to remain where it comes to rest. If it moves either the jack or bowl(s) the opponents can declare the end ‘dead’.

Where do I stand?  When another player is bowling, all players at the bowlers end must stand behind the jack.  They should not converse with each other or the skip.  When at the ‘head’ all players must stand 2m behind the head, with the exception of the player giving instruction to the bowler.

What if I Move a Bowl?   When a bowl is disturbed from its course by the party to whom it belongs, then the bowl is declared ‘dead’, if by an opponent it is replayed or left where it comes to rest. Similar rules cover bowls that are moved after they come to rest; although there is provision for replacing it as near as possible to its original position.

Can the position I play in be changed?  After the completion of any end, and before the start of the next, the positions of the players can be changed; for example the skip may

change places with the lead or the second.  It is the skip who controls these changes.

When do I Deliver a bowl?  A player must not bowl until the previous bowl has come to rest.  It is important to remember that after your own bowl has come to rest the ownership of the mat has transferred to the opposition.

When can I ask a Question?  You can only ask a question of a marker or team mate when you have ownership of the mat/rink, and as ownership changes when a bowl comes to rest it means you cannot ask any questions until you are ready to deliver your next bowl.

What do I do on completion of an end?  The last player to bowl should remove the mat to the bank, but not until the bowl has come to rest.  After the score has been agreed upon, including any measurements; all players must assist in moving the bowls to a position behind and to one side of the mat in readiness for the next end.

What Bowls count in the score?  Only those bowls that are closer than the opponents closest bowl can score; but they must not be more than 2m from the jack!

It is useful for all members to acquaint themselves with the laws of the game.  Remember that some of the above answers are only applicable to Federation Bowling.


Sometimes players are unaware that they are behaving in a way that can upset others, some things however should be clearly apparent.

It is important to recognise that bad language and language of a sexist or racist nature, or language likely to bring the game or the club into disrepute is not tolerated on the bowling green.

It should also be recognised that gesticulating in an aggressive manner, or berating other team members in a way likely to cause distress is not permitted.


Social Bowling (Roll ups)

For friendly roll-ups (which take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday evenings);  and for any practice bowling or coaching sessions with new members or visitors, the formal dress code need not be adhered to, but bowling shoes are still required, visitors without bowling shoes may wear trainers.  For all practice and roll up sessions a rink fee of 50p per person is payable.

To protect the green, non-competitive games should be played between rinks unless the greenkeeper directs otherwise   If the green is beginning to show signs of wear in the area just in front of the mat, players are requested to move the mat to a point in front of the 4m mark when practising or playing a friendly game.

Bowling for the Club

Every bowler at Ixworth can play for one or more of the five league teams we put out each week.  At the beginning of the season you will be asked to list those leagues you would like to play in either on a regular basis, occasionally or in emergency only.  To make yourself available for selection, either enter your name on the team lists that are displayed on the notice board just inside the entrance to the club house; or speak to the team captain.  Some captains may ask about you availability a week before the game.

For novice players it is important that the team captain has seen you play, either when you are practicing or at one of the roll up sessions.  This enables them to assess your strengths, which may influence the position you are played in.  At Ixworth we try to give all members at least one game a week, but do bear with us if on some occasions we fall short of this ideal.  A good starting point for bowlers is to play in friendly games, when they are available.

The selected team will be displayed on the outside notice board.  If you are selected to play or have been selected as a reserve, tick your name.  If you need transport to an away fixture make your requirement known, and be at the agreed pick-up point in good time.  If you intend to travel direct to the away green write ‘direct’ next to your name.  If you cannot play read the instruction on the team sheet and do as it directs.  Reserves are encouraged to turn up for a game in case of unforeseen circumstances, and remember it is a privilege to play for your club.


County Competitions   The entries for these are made at the end of the season, and before the end of September to allow the secretary to forward them to the County Secretary.  To enter, write your name together with partners for Pairs or Triples on the appropriate entry form which is posted on the notice board to the left of the kitchen door. The home drawn player will receive a card and must contact the opponent to arrange a date, offering at least two and avoiding county or representative games, the dates of which are listed in the handbook, which will be given to you at the start of the season.

League Competitions   These are entered at the beginning of the  season following the same pattern as County Comps, and games are arranged in the same way

Club Competitions   The lists for these are put up at the beginning of the season, enter them in the same way as for County and League.  When the draws have been made, they are displayed on the same notice board.  While the ‘home’ drawn player should make contact to arrange a suitable date and time to play the game, the ‘away’ drawn player should also make contact if communications break down. Pairs and Triples competitions are usually played on a specific day.  

Notes.  There are entry fees for all competitions, which must be paid before you play the first game, and a rink fee must be paid for all home County & League Comps.  Under no circumstances enter a player in any competition without their permission.


The club also has a social membership; it is open to those who may not want to bowl, but would like to make use of the club facilities (the bar is open for evening home games).  A range of social events are held during the year.

Useful bowls website:  English Bowling Federation English Bowling Association  Our own club website


For a Printable version of Club Information CLICK here, for a printable version of the Constitution CLICK here




1.1 The club shall be called IXWORTH BOWLS CLUB, hereafter referred to as ‘the club’ and shall be affiliated to Suffolk County Bowls Association and the Governing Bodies.


2.1 To foster and promote the sport of flat green bowls at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition to all members of the community.


3.1 Membership of the club shall be open to any person completing a membership application form and paying the relevant subscription /joining fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club members.  The rates of subscription shall be fixed for the coming year at the AGM.  All subscriptions shall be paid to the treasurer by 31st May each year but must be paid before bowling in any current year.


3.2 There shall be four classes of membership available.  These are:

   3.2.1 Full member

3.2.2    Junior member (under 16 years of age)

   3.2.3 Social member

   3.2.4 Honorary Life member


4.1 Non-Executive Officers of the Club shall be as follows:

   4.1.1 President - Honorary position

   4.1.2 Youth Officer

4.2 Executive Officers of the Club shall be as follows:

   4.2.1 Chairperson  

   4.2.2 Vice Chairperson

   4.2.3 Secretary  

   4.2.4 Treasurer  


The Committees of the Club shall be as follows:

5.1 Executive Committee.      

Comprising:  Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, plus four other full members elected from and by, the full members of the Club and one member from the Youth Committee. It shall meet at agreed intervals and not less than five times per year.

The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:

5.1.1 To appoint a Bar Steward.

5.1.2 To control the affairs of the Club on behalf of the members.

5.1.3 To keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Club through the Treasurer.  These accounts should be made available for reasonable inspection by Members and should be examined every year.  The Club shall maintain a bank current account, and the following Officers shall be authorised to sign Club cheques:

Two from the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

5.1.4 To co-opt additional members to the Committee as the Committee feels necessary.

5.1.5 To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote.  In the case of equal votes the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional vote.

5.1.6 Set up working parties to deal with special events as the need arises.

5.1.7 Receive reports from sub-committees and working parties.

5.1.8 Approve all activities to be held in the clubhouse.

Note.  Approval is given on condition that the nature of the activity does not change, if it does fresh approval must be sought.

5.1.9 Nominate players for representative matches including County Teams, Marie Denny and Ellen Matthews trophies and League representative teams.

5.1.10             Deal with matters of discipline.

5.1.11 Set up an appeals panel of three Executive Committee Members, to include one from Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary.  The appellant may if they

wish nominate a representative to attend the meeting of the panel who may speak on behalf of the appellant and answer any questions as the panel may see fit.

5.1.12 Display the decisions of the Committee on the Club notice board.

5.2 Grounds committee.

       Comprising: Green-keeper, plus three other Executive Committee members.  It shall meet as required to carry out its duties. The duties of the Grounds Committee shall be:

5.2.1 Make decisions on the care and maintenance of the green using advice from the Green-keeper.

5.2.2 Make decisions on rink order of play using advice from the Green-keeper.

5.2.3 Organise a rota for green maintenance.

5.2.4 Make decisions on the care and upkeep of the surrounds including hedges and fences.

5.2.3 Report as necessary to the Executive Committee.

5.3 Bar and Social Committee.

Comprising: Treasurer, Bar Steward plus three other Executive Committee members. The duties of the Bar and Social Committee shall be:

5.3.1 Make decisions regarding the purchase and pricing policy of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, maintaining bar stocks at an acceptable level.

5.3.2 Organise social activities - it may delegate other Members of the Club to help with such activities.

5.3.3 Publish a calendar of events - this may be posted on the Club notice board or sent to the home address of all Members of the Club.

 5.3.4             Organise a bar staffing rota.

5.3.5 Report as necessary to the Executive Committee.

5.4 Selection Committee.

Comprising Club Captain and Vice Captain for friendly matches; and comprising Captain, Vice Captain plus one other member elected at the AGM for Knock-out Cup Competitions.  League teams shall be selected by the appropriate Team Captain. The duties of the Selection Committee shall be:

5.4.1 Select teams for friendly and knock-out cup/trophy competitions, and league teams when there is no Team Captain.

5.4.2 Give notice of team selections by displaying them on the outside notice board.

5.4.3 Give opportunity to all playing members of the club to state their availability and desire to play by either displaying forthcoming match sheets on the club notice board; or by contacting each playing member before the season starts to determine which leagues they wish to be considered for.

5.5 Youth Committee.

Comprising: Chairperson, Youth Officer and 2-3 junior members. The duties of the Youth Committee shall be:

5.5.1 Make decisions regarding the work of the Club among children and young people.

5.5.2 Ensure that the Youth Policy of the Club is carried out.

5.5.3 Respond to any complaints from the Junior Members of the Club or any other young person involved in bowling on the bowling-green.

5.5.4 Organise coaching and competitions for the Junior Members of the Club and for outside organisations invited to make use of the bowling facilities.

5.5.5 Produce minutes of all meetings and report as necessary to the Executive Committee.

5.6 Competitions Committee.           Comprising 3-4 members elected at the Annual General meeting. It shall meet as required.  The duties of the Competitions Committee shall be:

5.6.1 Produce/modify the rules for all Club Competitions as required and publish them in the form of a Competitions Rules Book.

5.6.2 Post entry forms for all competitions on the Club notice board, at least 21 days before the draw is made.

5.6.3 Produce the draw for all Club Competitions, and publish them on the Club notice board.

5.6.4 Give appropriate handicaps to all entrants to the Handicap Singles Competition.


6.1 All officers, with the exception of appointments made by the Executive Committee, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club, from and by, the Members of the Club, the Executive Committee to have the power of co-option to fill any vacancy occurring during the year.

6.2 All officers are elected for one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.


7.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held no later than the end of November each year.  Twenty one days clear written notice shall be given to members of the AGM by circulating a copy of the notice to every Member at their home address and posting the notice on the Club notice board.  

Members must advise the Secretary in writing of any business to be moved at the AGM at least fourteen days before a meeting.  The Secretary shall circulate or give notice of the agenda for the meeting not less than seven days before the meeting.

7.2  The business of the AGM shall be to:

7.2.1 Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any General Meetings held since the last AGM.

7.2.2 Receive examined accounts for the year from the Treasurer.

7.2.3 Receive the annual report of the Committee from the Secretary to include reports from:   Grounds Committee   Bar and Social Committee   Youth Committee   Competitions Committee   Club Captain

7.2.4             Elect an Accounts Examiner.

7.2.5  Elect officers of the Club and Committee Members, including Club Captain, Vice Captain, Team Captains and Green-keeper.

7.2.6 Review and fix the Club subscription rates for the coming year.

7.2.7 Transact such business received in writing by the Secretary from members seven days prior to the meeting and included on the agenda.

Note.  The agenda could provide for “Any Other Business” but members should be encouraged to refer other items to the Executive Committee and give the required notice for important AGM business.

7.2.8 Special meetings may be convened by the Executive Committee or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing, and stating the object of the request, from not less than ten Full members of the Club.

7.2.9 Nominations of candidates for election of Officers shall be made in writing or on suitably published notices to the Secretary at least fourteen days in advance of the

AGM.  Nominations can only be made by Full Members and must be seconded by another Full Member.

7.2.10 At all General Meetings the chair shall be taken by the Chairperson or, in his/her absence, by a deputy appointed by the Club or by Full Members attending the meeting.

7.2.11 Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those Full Members attending the meeting.  In the event of equal votes the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

7.2.12 A quorum for a General Meeting shall be one third of the full membership, to include two officers of the club from the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

7.2.13 Each Full Member of the Club shall be entitled to one vote at General Meetings.


8.1 Any proposed alterations to the Club Constitution may only be considered at an AGM or Special General Meeting, convened with the required written notice of the proposal.  Any alteration or amendment must be proposed by a Full Member of the Club and seconded by another Full Member.  Such alterations shall be passed if supported by not less than two-thirds of those Full Members present at the meeting, assuming that a quorum has been achieved.


9.1 If at any General Meeting of the Club, a resolution calling for the dissolution of the Club is made, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the Club to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

9.2 If at that Special General Meeting the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the Full Members present at the meeting, the Executive Committee shall thereupon, or at a date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Club.

9.3 After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets will be applied for approved sporting or charitable purposes or transferred with the building(s) to the Jiggens Hall Memorial Village Hall and Playing field, Charity number 287532 from whom the land is leased.


Under control of the Bar and Social Committee the following rules concerning the supply and security of intoxicating liquor will apply:

10.1 Intoxicants may only be supplied to members and their bona-fide guests, or to visiting players and their bona-fide guests.

10.2 There shall be no sale of intoxicants to persons under the age of 18.

10.3 The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicants shall be:

Mondays to Saturdays 11.00am - 11.00pm

Sundays 12am – 10.30pm

Christmas Day & Good Friday: as Sundays


11.1 The Club is a non-profit making organisation; any surplus income or gains to be reinvested in the Club.  The Club does not permit any distribution of club assets, in cash or in kind to members or third parties.  The Club may make donations to charities or to other clubs that are registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

11.2 No dogs shall be permitted on the Bowling- green, any dog brought to the Club must remain on a lead.

11.3 Smooth-soled heel-less shoes must be worn by players on the Bowling-green.

11.4 Bowls, or other playing materials or equipment, which are the property of an individual member, shall not be used by other persons without the express permission of that member.

Note. The Club shall not be held responsible for any property left at the Club by individual members.

11.5 Members must not bring the name of the Club into disrepute by their actions, deeds or words on or off the bowling green.

11.6 Members must abide by any safety regulation imposed by the Club or its Safety Officer or a Safety Consultant.

11.7 Members should treat all other Members, players and visitors to the Club with respect, and play their matches in the spirit of the game of bowls.

11.8 Officers of the club must not abuse their position of trust.


Members of the Club shall be deemed to have subscribed to this Constitution and to be bound thereby.  In the event of the Executive Committee receiving a complaint regarding the behaviour of a member; or if a member is found to have broken club rules then:

12.1 The Executive Committee shall carry out a full and proper investigation into the matter of concern.

12.2 If the Committee feels that the case is proven they may:

12.2.1 Give the Member concerned an official warning as to their future conduct.

12.2.2 Bar the Member concerned from holding office for a period of not less than three years nor more than six years from the date of the decision.

12.2.3 Terminate the membership of the Member concerned.


12.3 All members have Statutory Rights of Appeal against disciplinary actions imposed by the Club Executive Committee.



 16- 2.00- Opening of Green – Mollie Elmer

 21- 6.30- BL- A Tuddenham

 25- 2.00- BA- A Wortham

 25- 6.30- SL- A Stanton  

 28- 6.45- BL- H St. Botolphs

 30- 10.00- Club Open Day


 05- 7.00- BL- A Brandon

 09- 2.00- BA- H Greene King

 09- 6.45- SL- H St. Botolphs

 10- 2.00- SA- A Rookery

 10- 6.30- TL-  Brandon

 12- 7.00- BL- H Gt. Barton

 16- 2.00- BA- H Elmswell Fox

 16- 6.45- SL- A Bacton

 17- 2.00- SA- A Stanton

 17- 6.45- TL-  League Cup Rd 1

 19- 7.00- BL- A Hengrave

 20- 6.30- JC- A Gt. Barton

 23- 2.00- BA- A St. Edmundsbury

 23- 6.45- SL- A Bildeston

 24- 2.00- SA- H Haughley PF

 24- 6.45- TL-  Tuddenham

 26- 7.00- BL- H Old Newton

 30- 2.00- BA- H G.W. Staniforth

 30- 6.45- SL- H Needham Market

 31- 2.00- SA- A St. Edmundsbury

 31- 6.45- TL-  Coney Weston Swan


 06- 2.00- BA- A Brandon

 06- 6.45- SL- A Old Newton

 07- 2.00- SA- H Borough of Eye

 07- 6.45- TL-  League Cup Rd 2

 09- 7.00- BL- A Stanton  

 12-  Pairs Day

 13- 6.45- SL- H Thornham Magna

 14- 2.00- SA- H Bacton

 14- 6.45- TL-  Rookery

 16- 7.00- BL- A Risbygate

 20- 2.00- BA- H Stanton  

 20- 6.45- SL- H Stanton  

 21- 2.00- SA- A Needham

 21- 6.45- TL-  Greene King

 23- 7.00- BL- H Greene King

 27- 2.00- BA- H Wortham

 27- 6.45- SL- A St. Botolphs

 28- 2.00- SA- A- Rookery

 28- 6.45- TL-  Hopton

 30- 7.00- BL- H- Tuddenham


 03-  SCWBA Area Final

 04- 2.00- BA- A- Greene King

 04- 6.45- SL- H- Bacton

 05- 2.00- SA- H- Stanton

 05- 6.45- TL-  Risbygate

 07- 7.00- BL- A- St. Botolphs


 09/10- SCWBA Finals  

 11- 6.45- SL- H- Bildeston

 12- 2.00- SA- A- Haughley PF

 12- 6.45- TL-  Elmswell Fox

 14- 7.00- BL- H- Brandon

 16-  Area Semi-Finals  Ixworth

 17-  Area Finals  Ixworth

 18- 2.00- BA- A- Elmswell Fox

 18- 6.45- SL- A- Needham

 19- 2.00- SA- H- St. Emundsbury

 19- 6.45- TL-  Haughley PF

 21- 7.00- BL- A- Gt. Barton

 23- County Semi-Finals Stanton

 24- County Finals Stanton

 25- 2.00- BA- H- St. Edmundsbury

 25- 6.45- SL- H- Old Newton

 26- 2.00- SA- A- Borough of Eye  

 26- 6.45- TL-  Old Newton

 28- 7.00- BL- H- Hengrave

 30-  Triples Day


 01- 2.00- BA- A- G. W. Staniforth

 01- 6.30- SL- A- Thornham Magna

 02- 2.00- SA- A- Bacton

 02- 6.45- TL-  Woodfield

 04- 7.00- BL- A- Old Newton

 06-  Stow League Presidents Day

 08- 2.00- BA- H- Brandon

 09- 2.00- SA- H- Needham

 11- 6.45- BL- H- Stanton  

 15- 2.00- BA- A- Stanton  

 18- 6.30- BL- H- Risbygate  

 20/27- National Finals


 01- 6.00- BL- A- Greene King

 04-  Stow League Finals Ixworth

 11-  Bury League Finals

 18-  Club Finals