President - Mr. John Sharpe Chairperson - Mrs. Sally Smith Secretary - Mr. Matthew Smith Captain  - Mr. John Chambers Ixworth Bowls Club  Founded 1907  Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation,  Suffolk County Bowls Association,  Bury & District League, Stowmarket League, and the Area ‘D’ Triples League.

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How to add a booking:

Click Add/Edit at foot of page

Edit start date by clicking on From box – a calendar shows

Edit start time

Edit end time

In the Event text box type in the names of players (all are required)

Click Create Event box (green). Your booking will show under Existing Events.

Click View Calendar box (yellow) at top left to return to booking calendar

Click X in top right corner to close table.


For 2022 two roll-up sessions are pre-booked – on Monday and Thursday afternoons. If you wish to play in a roll-up, simply double click on the roll-up booking and add your name at the end of the information in the Event Text box. Click the Replace Event green box. An Event Creation Error message will appear, but click the Replace it anyway box and your name will appear in the booking. Other members may book their own sessions to be played at the same time.

Informal play should be between rinks if possible.

If triples are in progress, there must be a rink’s distance between players.

Other tips:

 The last booking shows as 7pm to 7.30, but play can continue to 8.30pm.

To delete a booking, double click on the booking on the table

  Click the Delete Event box (green)

 To alter a booking, click the Replace Event box (green)

To access following weeks, click the week start date in the grey line under the titles

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If you have any comments or you are not able to access the table please give Sally a ring (01359 230431) or email on