County Competitions (2021)

Ixworth once again had good representation at both the Ladies and Mens County Finals.   The block of Ann Lilley, Pat Jennings and Jenny Ronchetti won the 2 Bowl Triples, but unfortunately Jenny was not able to play in the National Finals at Skegneses; Christine Chambers came in as a reserve , but despite giving their all they fell at the first hurdle.  At the Mens County Finals Matthew Smith won both the 2 Bowl and 4 Bowl Singles.

At Skegness he reached the Semi-Final of the Four Bowl Singles, but like the ladies fell at the first hurdle in the 2 Bowl competition.

Paul Cook as in the previous year played for the County Newton team in the National Final, the team gaining their place at Skegness by winning the Knock-out competition which replaced the ‘League’ structure because of the Covid virus.  Unfortunately on a difficult green they did not replicate the success of 2019, the last time it was played.

 Ixworth Bowls Club Finals Day (2021) was held on Sunday 19th September.  The 2021 season had some restrictions, some leagues decided that there would be no promotion/relegation; but in the main normality returned and the club was able to have a full programme of club competitions.  On finals day, not only did competitions return to normal so did the weather.  Following a week of fine sunny weather the rains came at Sunday lunchtime.  After an extended midday break the rain ceased (for a while) and play continued.   The club president John Sharpe was in attendance and the matches providing a very enjoyable day. Photographs of the day can be accessed by the link on the HOME page, or by clicking HERE.  


Mens 2 Bowl Singles

(George Everett Cup)

Matthew Smith

Mens 4 Bowl Singles

(Dobbin Cup)

Matthew Smith

Ladies 2 Bowl Singles

Sally Smith

Ladies 4 Bowl Singles

(John Christopher Cup)

Heather Oliver

 Over 60’s Singles

(Don Haygreen Trophy)

Peter Stammers

Thurlow Cup

   Not Played

Handicap Singles

Paul Cook


(Maple Leaf Trophy)

Christine Chambers

Bob Whiting

Mixed Pairs

Christine Chambers

Bob Whiting


(Dick Peachey Cup)

Carolyn Page

David Page

Ray Horsnell

Opening Drive

(Mollie Elmer Trophy)

Langham Plate


George Everitt Cup

Mens 2 Bowl Singles

In the first year of the competition (1982) it was held as a drive. For 1983 it was a Fours Competition.

It changed again in 1984 to a Mixed Handicapped Singles, and became the Mens 2 Bowl Singles in 1990 when the Jack Mulley Trophy was introduced as a handicap singles.

1982 D. Goldsmith

1983 V. Hunnibull, C. Roberts, S. Anderson,

                                         P. Cook                                     

1984 P. Plummer

1985 J. Goldsmith

1986 P. Plummer

1987 P. Plummer

1988 A. Rogers

1989 J. Chambers

1990 A. Mills

1991 P. Plummer

1992 P. Plummer

1993 J. Goldsmith

1994 J. Goldsmith

1995 J. Goldsmith

1996 P. Plummer

1997 E. Feavearyear

1998 G. J. Sharpe

1999 G. J. Sharpe

2000 J. Goldsmith

2001 P. Plummer

2002 B. Amps

2003 J. Chambers

2004 E. Feavearyear

2005 J. Chambers

2006 E. Feavearyear

2007 E. Feavearyear

2008 J. Hemingway

2009 J. Hemingway

2010 J. Chambers

2011 P. Cook

2012 M. Smith

2013 E. Feavearyear

2014 A. Beaucott

2015 M. Smith

2016 M. Smith

2017 P. Cook

2018 M. Smith

2019 M. Smith

2020 P. Cook

2021 M. Smith

2022 M. Smith

Dobbin Cup

Mens 4 Bowl Singles (EBA)

For a time the competition was mixed until the ladies had their own singles competitions.

1924 W. H. Kemp

1925 W. H. Kemp

1926 C. W. Sanders

1927 A. H. Theobald

1928 J. Kemp

1929 C. H. Scott

1930 No Competition

1931 K. Kemp

1932 B. W. Foster

1933 W. T. Baker

1934 J. Everitt

1935 W. H. Kemp

1936 J. Everitt

1937 T. J. Wilson

1938 B. W. Foster

1939 C. MacKender

1940 W. H. Kemp

1941 – 1945  No Competition

1946 B. W. Foster

1947 B. W. Foster

1948 C. A. Crosby

1949 E. G. Everitt

1950 D. Gasken

1951 J. Everitt

1952 E. G. Everitt

1953 R. F. Grimwood

1954 E. G. Everitt

1955 E. G. Everitt

1956 C. J. Alcock

1957 E. G. Everitt

1958 E. G. Everitt

1959 Mrs. J. A. Farrow

1960 W. C. Hammond

1961 W. V. Cousins

1962 E. G. Everitt

1963 F. W. Skinner

1964 J. A. Farrow

1965 P. R. Grimwood

1966  H. Bryant

1967 C. A. Crosby

1968 F. W. Skinner

1969 E. G. Everitt

1970 H. Middleditch

1971 J. B. Turner

1972 F. A. Clarke

1973 F. A. Clarke

1974 P. R. Grimwood

1975 P. Plummer

1976 P. R. Grimwood

1977 F. A. Clarke

1978 F. A. Clarke

1979 F. A. Clarke

1980 A. Rogers

1981 B. A. Hunt

1982 F. A. Skinner

1983 P. Plummer

1984 P. Plummer

1985 F. W. Skinner

1986 B. Hunt

1987 P. Plummer

1988 P. Cook

1989 G. J. Sharpe

1990 A. Mills

1991 P. Plummer

1992 P. Plummer

1993 A. Mills

1994 J. Goldsmith

1995 D. Foreman

1996 P. Plummer

1997 J. Goldsmith

1998 P. Plummer

1999 E. Feavearyear

2000 P. Plummer

2001 P. Plummer

2002 E. Feavearyear

2003 J. Turner

2004 E. Feavearyear

2005 E. Feavearyear

2006 R. Barber

2007 R. Barber

2008 P. Glenaway

2009 M. Smith

2010 P. Cook

2011 P. Cook

2012 P. Cook

2013 E. Feavearyear

2014 J. Chambers

2015 P. Cook

2016 M. James

2017 M. Smith

2018 M. Smith

2019 M. Smith

2020 M. James

2021 M. Smith

2022 M. Smith

Ladies 2 Bowl Singles

1981 D. Goldsmith

1982 B. Clarke

1983 B. Barber

1984 D. Goldsmith

1985 G. Cook

1986 G. Cook

1987 G. Cook

1988 G. Cook

1989 A. Holder

1990 S. Smith

1991 A. Holder

1992 A. Lilley

1993 S. Smith

1994 A. Lilley

1995 S. Smith

1996 P. Jennings

1997 A. Lilley

1998 A. Lilley

1999 A. Lilley

2000 A. Lilley

2001 M. Jones

2002 C. Waters

2003 A. Lilley

2004 A. Lilley

2005 A. Lilley

2006 A. Lilley

2007 A. Lilley

2008 P. Jennings

2009 S. Peckitt

2010 P. Jennings

2011 A. Lilley

2012 A. Lilley

2013 A. Lilley

2014 A. Lilley

2015 P. Jennings

2016 A. Lilley

2017 A. Lilley

2018 A. Lilley

2019 A. Lilley

2020 A. Lilley

2021 A. Lilley

2022 S. Smith

John Christopher Cup

Ladies 4 Bowl Singles (EBA)

1991 P. Jennings

1992 J. Whatling

1993 A. Lilley

1994 A. Lilley

1995 A. Lilley

1996 A. Lilley

1997 D. Amps

1998 S. Smith

1999 A. Lilley

2000 A. Lilley

2001 A. Lilley

2002 S. Plummer

2003 P. Jennings

2004 P. Jennings

2005 P. Jennings

2006 A. Lilley

2007 A. Lilley

2008 A. Lilley

2009 A. Lilley

2010 S. Peckitt

2011 A. Lilley

2012 P. Jennings

2013 P. Jennings

2014 A. Lilley

2015 A. Lilley

2016 A. Lilley

2017 A. Lilley

2018 A. Lilley

2019 H. Oliver

2020 A. Lilley

2021 A. Lilley

2022 H. Oliver

Jack Mulley Trophy

4 Bowl Handicap Singles (Mixed)

1990 A. Mills

1991 S. Smith

1992 J. Goldsmith

1993 J. Goldsmith

1994 P. Plummer

1995 P. Plummer

1996 J. Goldsmith

1997 P. Plummer

1998 G. J. Sharpe

1999 P. Plummer

2000 J. Goldsmith

2001 E. Feavearyear

2002 P. Plummer

2003 J. Hemingway

2004 E. Feavearyear

2005 A. Lilley

2006 A. Lilley

2007 A. Lilley

2008 P. Sinclair

2009 A. Lilley

2010 P. Cook

2011 M. Smith

2012 M. Smith

2013 M. Smith

2014 E. Feavearyear

2015 P. Jennings

2016 M. James

2017 P. Cook

2018 M. James

2019 M. Smith

2020 A. Lilley

2021 A. Lilley

2022 P. Cook


Don Haygreen Trophy

Over 60’s 4 Bowl (EBA) Singles

2002 J. Sharpe

2003 B. Amps

2004 B. Amps

2005 J. Chambers

2006 P. Jennings

2007 E. Feavearyear

2008 E. Feavearyear

2009 G. Chambers

2010 A. Lilley

2011 P. Cook

2012 E. Feavearyear

2013 A. Lilley

2014 A. Brown

2015 A. Lilley

2016 P. Cook

2017 P. Cook

2018 P. Cook

2019 P. Cook

2020 P. Stammers

2021 P. Stammers

2022 P. Stammers

Thurlow Cup

This competition was introduced in 1998, to be contested by those players who had not previously won a singles competition.

1998 P. Glenaway

1999 J. Christopher

2000 B. Amps

2001 J. Glenaway

2002 G. Turner

2003 B. Hemingway

2004 B. Middleditch

2005 R. Barber

2006 P. Cook

2007 B. Jenkins

2008 D. Jordon

2009 S. Peckitt

2010 M. Methven

2011 S. Ribbon

2012 A. Beavis

2013 Not Played

2014 R. Horsnell

2015 M. James

2016 R. Whiting

2017 D. Kates

2018 P. Hope

2019 S. Smith

2020 P. Smith

2021 R. Simpkin

2022 Not Played

Youth Shield

This competition is only played for when there are sufficient young members to warrant it

2003 S. Linton

2004 J. Sparkes

2005 J. Sparkes

2006 M. Smith

2007 M. Smith

Maple Leaf Trophy

Drawn Pairs

1950 Dr. B. U. Coffee, C. A. Crosby

1951 C. J. N. Gates,  W. C.  Hammond

1952 P. W. Cutting , E. N. Crosby

1953 W. Patterson, C. A. Crosby

1954 C. J. Alcock,  F. W. Skinner

1955 E. Feveyear,   J. A. Farrow

1956 J. I. McBride,   R. J. Everitt

1957 E. N. Crosby,   W. V. Cousins

1958 E. Wingrove, C. A. Crosby

1959 J. H. Froud, W. C. Hammond

1960 P. W. Cutting,  J. A. Farrow

1961 J. I. McBride, F. W. Skinner

1962 P. R. Worzencraft,  J. A. Farrow

1963 K. J. Scofield, E. G. Everitt

1964 E. Feveyear, Mrs. E. Matthews

1965 E. G. Everitt, C. J. Crosby

1966 J. I. McBride, C. J. Crosby

1967 R. Barber, K. Bryant

1968 R. Barber,  B. Turner

1969 E. G. Everitt,  G. T. Turner

1970 A. Rogers,  H. Middleditch

1971 Mrs. B. Clarke, A Rogers

1972 E. Cousins, A. Rogers

1973 P. Grimwood, G. Turner

1974 Mrs. B. Clarke, A. Rogers

1975 R. Wright , F. Clarke

1976 E. J. Oliver, R. Barber

1977 R. Wright, G. Everitt

1978 E. Wingrove, F. W. Skinner

1979 G. Youngman, H. Middleditch

1980 C. Roberts, F. W. Skinner

1981 C. Roberts, P. Bailey

1982 E. Simpkin, A. Rogers

1983 L. Couling, H. Middleditch

1984 G. Cook, F. W. Skinner

1985 P. Cook, B. Hunt

1986 G. J. Sharpe, P. Plummer

1987 M. Quinn, A. Mills

1988 R. Waters, J. Christopher

1989 T. Lilley, P. Hunwick

1990 B. Smith, J. Turner

1991 P. Newdick, A. Tricker

1992 S. Ross, B. Amps

1993 C. Waters, M. Jones

1994 G. Turner, D. Foreman

1995 C. Chambers, P. Newdick

1996 V. StClair, T. Lilley

1997 J. Glenaway, K. Hutchens

1998 J. Glenaway, J. Sharpe

1999 P. Glenaway, A. Lilley

2000 B. Middleditch, P. Jennings

2001 B. Middleditch, B. Amps

2002 C. Chambers, S. Peckitt

2003 C. Chambers, J. Turner

2004 R. Barber, J. Glenaway

2005 B. Jenkins, A. Lilley

2006 B. Hemingway, J. Turner

2007 P. Jennings, C. Chambers

2008 J. Turner, J. Glenaway

2009 G. Turner, A. Lilley

2010 G. Turner, R. Barber

2011 M.Methven, A. Lilley

2012 P. Jennings, P. Glenaway

2013 M. Smith, P. Jennings

2014 A. Rogers, P. Jennings

2015 P. Cook, D. Kates

2016 M. Smith, D. Kates

2017 C. Chambers, J. Chambers

2018 D. Kates, M. James

2019 C. Chambers, D. Wigg

2020 R. Harding, M. Smith

2021 R. Whiting, P. Jennings

2022 C. Chambers, R. Whiting

Mixed Pairs

1989 A.  Holder, P. Plummer

1990 C. Chambers, P. Plummer

1991 A. Holder, J. Christopher

1992 A. Lilley, G. J. Sharpe

1993 M. Hackman, A Mills

1994 P. Jennings, B. Amps

1995 S. Smith, J. Goldsmith

1996 C. Waters, E. Feavearyear

1997 A. Lilley, P. Glenaway

1998 S. Smith, P. Glenaway

1999 P. Jennings, P. Plummer

2000 S. Plummer, E. Feavearyear

2001 S. Plummer, J. Hemingway

2002 B. Hemingway, E. Feavearyear

2003 S. Plummer, E. Feavearyear

2004 J. Glenaway, E. Feavearyear

2005 A. Lilley, P. Sinclair

2006 G. Turner, A. Lilley

2007 P. Jennings, P. Glenaway

2008 A. Lilley, J. Hemingway

2009 B. Hemingway, E. Feavearyear

2010 C. Chambers, P. Glenaway

2011 C. Chambers, P. Cook

2012 A. Lilley, E. Feavearyear

2013 C. Chambers, M. Smith

2014 A. Lilley, A. Beavis

2015 H. Oliver,  J. Sharpe   

2016 P. Jennings, P. Cook

2017 A. Lilley, J. Chambers

2018 P. Jennings, P. Cook

2019 P. Jennings, M. Smith

2020 S. Smith, P. Cook

2021 C. Simpkin, M. Smith

2022 C. Chambers, R. Whiting

Dick Peachey Cup

Drawn Triples

1978 V. Hickleton, J. Turner, P. Plummer

1979 E. Wingrove, F. Skinner, D. Goldsmith  

1980 R. Simpkin,  R. Barber, D. Goldsmith

1981 A. Hunt, E. Oliver, A. Rogers

1982 B. Slann, D. Goldsmith, A. Rogers

1983 F. Clarke, P. Anderson, V. Hunniball

1984 J. Goldsmith, P. Cook, F. Skinner

1985 J. Moore, G. Cook, F. Skinner

1986 A. Holder, B. Barber, G. Turner

1987 W. Sykes, A. Holder, P. Cook

1988 J. Rogers, F. Last, J. Goldsmith

1989 M. Twitchett, R. Waters, A. Rogers

1990 G. Tricker, G. Wilson, G. Turner

1991 T. Lilley, A. Staveley, J. Chambers  

1992 C. Chambers, B. Proctor, M. Twitchett

1993 G. Jones, M. Hartill, J. Chambers

1994 J. White, D. Foreman, P. Plummer

1995 P. Meredith, B. Amps, E. Feaveayear

1996 J. Stinson, D. Haygreen, S. Smith

1997 T. Lilley, A. Staveley, J. Chambers

1998 M. Hackman, R. Waters, P. Plummer

1999 R. McMurchie, T. Lilley, R. Waters

2000 P. Sinclair, J. Glenaway, P. Jennings

2001 M. Jones, G. Fernett, E. Feavearyear

2002 J. McKillion, D. Amps, P. Plummer

2003 J. Hartill, S. Peckitt, E. Feavearyear

2004 B. Hemingway, C. Chambers, B. Middleditch

2005 C. Methven, A. Lilley, J. Hemingway

2006 G. Knell, J. Chambers, B. Middleditch

2007 G. Knell, P. Glenaway, A. Lilley

2008 M. Methven, A. Rogers, P. Jennings

2009 S. Davey, J. Turner, J. Chambers

2010 M. Methven, R. Lockwood, A. Rogers

2011 R. Lockwood, J. Turner, A. Lilley

2012 M. Hartill, M. Smith, J. Chambers

2013 C. Chambers, S. Peckitt, A. Lilley

2014 J. Hemingway, J. Chambers, A. Beaucott

2015 B. Whiting,  J. Hemingway,  A. Beaucott

2016 S. Smith, A. Rogers, J. Hemingway

2017 R. Simpkin, S. Smith, M. Smith

2018 R. Simpkin, P. Smith, M. Smith

2019 R. Simpkin, T. Lilley, J. Hemingway

2020 No Competition

2021 A. Beevis, M. James, J. Hemingway

2022 C. Page, D. Page, R. Horsnell

Autumn League

Although this competition started as a league to cover the matchless days towards the end of the season, it has over the years had a range of formats.  Of late as a triples played off in one day.  It is only contested when demand decrees it.

1993 G. Turner, D. Amps, M. Hartill, M. Jones,

D. Haygreen

1994 P. Jennings, G. Jones, P. Jones, D. Haygreen,

P. Newdick

1995 S. Peckitt, M. Hartill, J. Glenaway, T. Lilley,

E. Feavearyear

1996 R. Checksfield, J. Christopher, J. Chambers

1997 R. Waters, J. Wolfe, J. McKillion,  S. Smith,

R. McMurchie

1998 P. Glenaway, M. Hartill, M. Hackman, B. Fernett, A. McMurchie,  

2000 C. Chambers, R. Waters, B. Amps

2001 P. Knell, A. Lilley, S. Peckitt

2002 No Competition

2003 P. Sinclair, A. Lilley, J. Hemingway

2004 C. Chambers, J. Chambers, P. Glenaway

2005 P. Knell, E. Sharpe, P. Jennings

2006 P. Jennings, T. Lilley, J. Hemingway

2007 R. Lockwood, E. Sharpe, E. Feavearyear

2008 R. Lockwood, E. Sharpe, E. Feavearyear

2009 B. Hemingway, A. Rogers

2010 B. Cross, E. Feavearyear

2011 K. Butcher, M. Smith

Langham Plate

This competition is played for in one day as an American Tournament and is contested as a pairs or triples competition.  In later years it is contested by those pairs who are knocked out of the pairs competition in the first round (if there are sufficient entries)

1999 M. Jones, B. Middleditch, J. Sharpe

2000 R. Barber, J. Hemingway

2001 K. Beaurain, B. Fernett, J. Glenaway

2003 B. Hemingway, J. Hemingway, J. Sharpe

2004 A. Lilley, K. Beaurain, B. Hemingway

2005 S. Peckitt, R. Barber

2006 R. Beaurain, A. Lilley

2007 B. Jenkins, B. Furnett, S. Peckitt, R. Barber

2008 J. Turner, G. Turner

2009 D. Cross, J. Hemingway

2010 M. Hackman, J. Turner

2011 J. Turner, J. Hemingway

2012 A. Beavis, G. Chambers

President - Mr. John Sharpe Chairperson - Mrs. Sally Smith Secretary - Mr. Matthew Smith Captain  - Mr. John Chambers Ixworth Bowls Club  Founded 1907  Affiliated to the English Bowling Federation,  Suffolk County Bowls Association,  Bury & District League, Stowmarket League, and the Area ‘D’ Triples League.

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